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"A heartwarming story to help children understand and cope with grief"

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Emotion Called



ebook and paperback available here

My Story


My name is Heather and I am a mother of four children and a full time Paramedic. 


After the sudden death of my dad I was thrown into this unimaginable journey called grief. I learned quickly that grief is so very rarely talked about that until I experienced it myself, I had no idea how anyone around me had ever gotten through it successfully.


While processing my own grief, I had the challenge of trying to help my children through theirs. With a lot of patience and compassion for one another we slowly moved forward.


While sitting in the dark one night at work consumed by all my emotions, I began to write my feelings into my little cell phone. I poured every emotion that I had felt over the last month into that little screen. After I was finished, I looked up into the dark and in the distance I saw the words "HELLO" in digital letters on the DVD player. Over eight years I had never noticed that word displayed on that screen before. It was then I knew my dad was helping me write my story.

With the help of my very talented daughter Parker, we created a story that will hopefully touch others and help them through their own grief journey. 

 I truly hope this book can help even one person as much as it has helped me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

A Peak Inside
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In the news!

"Guelph-Wellington paramedic pens children's
book about grief"

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Guelph-Wellington paramedic publishes children’s book on grief

~Guelph Today
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"Waterloo Paramedic writes childrens book about grief"


~Waterloo Chronicle


"Beautifully written

The author has managed to put into words the complex, intermingled feelings of grief and love. Not only has she delivered the message perfectly, her empathy can be felt as she shares a piece of herself?


"They are with you in spirit,

memory and heart, and as long

as you remember you will

never be apart"

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